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Hidden Gem

a large body of water

Back in the day Orange beach used to be called the best kept secret in the United States. 

From our Sugar white beaches, endless summers, large populations of dolphins and world class fishing ranging from saltwater gulf and freshwater estuaries and saltwater marshes on the north side. As the community did grow the word got out and then we have the opportunity to share this hidden Gem with you.

The best way how to explore our treasure is to not drive in a car but actually explore it by boat,
especially the north side of the island where most of the dolphins live. You will see along the way some beautiful beaches over a dozen waterfront restaurants, birds of prey and multimillion dollar mansions as well.

You can simply anchor and hop out to half a dozen sandy islands and let your kiddos catch some Hermit Crabs..

You will encounter wild bottle nose dolphins in any body of water you will choose to explore..
As a teaser, please enjoy pictures of one of the pregnant females and her baby a week after birth.

Next blog I would like to focus on the waterfront restaurants, and one after that we’re going to cover our amazing fishing grounds, saltwater and saltwater marshes.


Keep in mind that Orange beach boat rentals is on your side.
We are a one stop shop with boats, tackle and bait.
We will see you soon!


Capt. Igor

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